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We don’t believe in replacing bacteria for toxic chemicals.
Sparkling Clean works for a clean home in a safe manner.

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Eco-friendly house cleaning service in San Francisco

Quality green cleaning services. Our priority is the safety of the environment and the health of your household

Green House Cleaning
For Peace of Mind
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  • All supplies for a perfect cleaning
  • The cleaners will bring the green, eco-friendly cleaning supplies
  • Bonding and Liability insurance
Move In/Move Out Cleaning
We make it simple!

Concerned about getting your deposit back?  Or selling your home? We can help!  With our move in, move out cleaning, San Francisco tenants, landlords and property managers can relax and take all the hassle out of moving…

Our dedication is gold

If you want to maintain a Sparkling Clean home year round, our agency offers recurring cleaning schedules. With a recurring schedule, your house cleaner will have familiarity with your home and will be devoted to …

Airbnb & Vacation Homes
A house makes a home.

Regardless if it is a beach home, condo or city house, We are here to help!

Offer the perfect vacation for your guests with a Sparkling Clean house!

Check Out our COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols and Policies   HERE

A Message on the COVID-19 from Sparkling Clean Founder:

‘The Covid-19 global pandemic has changed our vision around cleaning, mandating that cleaning agencies, such as ours, adopt specific methods from current Health Regulations.  Cleaning is essential to fight this pandemic, providing the necessary environment for our health.

Our vetted, professional Cleaners have become microbial warriors following the disinfecting guidelines from GBAC Global Biorisk Advisory Council.

They are well prepared with state-of-the-art equipment, like backpack vacuums with hepa filter and mist machines for a perfect disinfection. 

We are committed to fight this situation together, carrying the responsibility that belongs to the cleaning Industry.’

-Vanessa Terra Bossart



Sparkling clean is a GREEN cleaning service in the Bay Area founded in San Francisco in 2005. 

Our company’s main priority is to help diminish the carbon imprint and toxic waste within the cleaning industry and to care for our clients long-term health through non-toxic cleaning products and methods. 

Sparkling Clean is the Bay Area’s #1 Green Cleaning service based off the industries most innovative Green cleaning Technology and Research world-wide

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Sparkling Clean Guarantee’s:


  • Liability Cleaning insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • High Client ratings 
  • Vetted Onboard Process followed by referrals and background checks.
  • Fully trained on the latest Green cleaning technologies and protocols.

Why Choose Us

All of Sparkling Clean cleaners use exclusively non-toxic cleaning products.

Recycle? Always

Recycling is an important part of green living. We ensure that the cleaners use exclusively eco-friendly cleaning in your home.

Natural Boosters

Our philosophy rests on the idea that natural boosters are more effective and safer than using toxic chemicals in your home.


The cleaners rely on a color coded system to avoid cross contamination. It’s another step they take to ensure the best possible results.


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Meet Our Founder

Vanessa Terra Bossartis a Brazilian Business CEO founder of Sparkling Clean Pro, Sparkling Clean Agency and Green Living Cleaning Supplies.

She has worked over 16 years as a social worker for the Bay Area’s local immigrant community, empowering the Latinx and ‘Women at Risk’ communities. She is an ecological advocate and a Consultant for other business’s (cleaning and beyond) on developing a GREEN based company model.

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Not only do we offer cleaning services, we ALSO open source our Research to help educate other companies and clients.

Eco-friendly laundry can go a long way! Eco-friendly practices are not only restricted to green house cleaning. Our philosophy is that it should encompass all aspects of our home and our lives, and this is one of the important aspects we look at when referring cleaners to our clients.We...

5-Star Reviews From Yelp

What satisfied customers have to say about Sparkling Clean

I don’t clean very often because of my job so I was looking for something Healthy that’s where I found sparkling clean agency! They have amazing cleaners with great…

Beauty S.

I have been using Sparkling Cleaning for several years and I have been very happy with the house cleaning service.  Divina does an excellent cleaning job keeping my…

Jeff D

I wanted to make a point of publicly saying how much I appreciated the work that Steffany and Gislady did on my apartment cleaning in Palo Alto.  I had to go out of…

Patrick R


How much does a cleaner cost in San Francisco?

The national average is $180 for a standard cleaning job. In San Francisco a cleaning job typically varies between $120 – $225. However, the final price of a cleaning job will depend on the size and quantity of rooms & bathrooms in the home. Another price variant is the type of cleaning, for example: spring cleaning, standard cleaning, deep cleaning, mold cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning or quick airbnb cleaning. To that end, a non-typical cleaning job cost has a sliding scale of $80 – $375. 

How long does it take to clean a filthy apartment?

It all depends on the size and quantity of rooms & bathrooms in your apartment. However, the first step to clean a filthy apartment is to pick up trash, dishes, laundry and misplaced objects. Once that is done, its takes approximately 10-15 minutes in each room.

In what order do I clean my house?

to efficiently clean your house, we stipulate a simple 6 order rule:

  1. Start by taking care of any object or clothing, linen that requires soaking time. This way you can optimize your cleaning rhythm!
  2. Tidy first then Clean. Pick up misplaced objects, laundry, dishes and trash. Start laundry cleaner and dryer process
  3. Clean ‘wet areas’ first, such as Kitchen and bathrooms. 
  4. Clean from top to down. Start cleaning by dusting and wiping down windows, walls and all surfaces
  5. Clean floors for last.
  6. Fold clean laundry and put out to dry whatever soaking linen you had. 
Are eco-Friendly Products effective?

It is a common myth that eco-friendly products aren’t as effective as toxic common cleaning products. Research shows that consumers see Eco-friendly products as less reliable, which means, not much investment are made for their purchase lowering their market interest. In recent years, with the Eco-Friendly boom, more companies have spent time developing product innovation and research. This has led to better more effective Green products and much more awareness on ecological significance.   

What is the result of eco-friendly products?

Eco-friendly packaging materials are less toxic, reduce environmental damage and decrease pollution levels as well as having a lower carbon footprint. Occasionally they can be more expensive to make as they are manufactured in lower quantities.

How do you eco-friendly clean an oven?

There are 2 main method to eco-friendly clean your oven. For both methods you must start by removing any loose food and putting on gloves.

Method 1:

First Remove the oven shelves and let them soak in warm soapy water while you Get your eco-friendly oven product and spray it throughly all around the doors walls and ceiling of your oven. Let the moisture settle for 30 minutes, and wipe all that grease away! If there are extra crusts, get a sponge and scrub it applying a bit more of the product over it. Clean your oven shelves on your sink with a sponge and once cleaned, return it in the oven. 

Method 2: 

Put a plate of lemon and water inside your oven and turn it on. The steam helps the grease loosen. Let the oven cool, dip a clean cloth on the lemon water and wipe down the walls, ceiling and floor of the oven. 

What is post-construction cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning goes through 3 phases:

Phase 1: Rough cleaning

Clean-up of large items such as trash, debris, objects and left over material. Once that is done an overall sweeping takes places, removing intense dusts and all stickers of glass, counters and metals. 

Phase 2: Light cleaning 

This most intensive part of the cleaning is an intense wipe down, top to bottom, windows, walls, cabinets, light fixtures, surfaces and counters, and lastly the floors. 

Phase 3: Final Cleaning

This phase of the cleaning must happen 2 days after the light cleaning, because it allows the chance for the micro dust to settle. It is a fairly quick clean-up where cleaners are instructed to look out for smudges, fingerprints, dust corners and any last imperfections. 

How to find an Airbnb Cleaning service in the Bay Area?

Requests for Airbnb cleaning service’s have grown tremendously in recent years. The best way to find a reliable Airbnb cleaning service is to ask other fellow Airbnb hosts for a recommendation. If you don’t know anyone who is an Airbnb Host, you can look out for service reviews on google, yelp, angie’s list and expertise. 

Sparkling Clean offers an excellent Airbnb Cleaning Service. We have a variety of host’s as clients, guaranteeing the best possible home presentation and cleanliness for guests.