Who We Are

“We believe every home is a sanctuary for those who live in it, so whenever we clean a house, we treat it with the utmost respect.

By listening closely to our client’s needs, we’re able to deliver quality cleaning services that exceed their expectations.”

– From our CEO Vanessa Terra Bossart.

Sparkling Clean’s business remodel in 2020/2021

When the pandemic hit in 2020, our business was cut in half since several workers and clients had major life changes, and many moved away from the Bay. The uncertainty pushed the Company to remodel from Agency with 1099 contractors to full-time employees – w-2’s, bureaucratically close to building a business from the get-go. Barely afloat, we realized that going the extra mile was the commitment our community needed to survive. Workers now have full benefits with the highest wages in this industry and partake of the company’s profit share, while Sparkling Clean’s numbers constantly grow. Despite our fears, we took the decision and leaped in the dark for our community.

We have grown our annual revenue and hiring numbers and created a hire waiting list amidst the year of the Great Resignation and Pandemic. Sparkling Clean is entirely run by minority communities, prevailing in an empathy/role-model system between bosses and workers. This accessibility between hierarchies horizontalizes power struggles persistently in the service industry, which we develop through gatherings, and dinners, aiding their struggles with emotional, legal, or financial advice, online English lessons, and teaching them to care about their cleaning jobs. We believe our CARE for our cleaners is assimilated into their work, making it: the secret of our business’s success.




Sparkling Clean is a cleaning agency, founded in 2005 by CEO Vanessa Terra Bossart.

All of our cleaners are thoroughly trained through the knowledge of our CEO’S 16 year experience and research in Eco-Friendly products and methodologies of the cleaning industry world-wide.


Cleaning to us, means guaranteeing a health-oriented lifestyle, instead of reinforcing the harmful consequences by replacing bacteria with toxic chemicals. 

We are here to support your health, as well as, the health of your child, your pet, your spouse, your neighbor, your city, our country, and our planet.


Sparkling Clean’s Agency works with empowerment strategies for the immigrant population of the Bay Area (Most of our cleaners are from Brazilian and Hispanic communities).

In 16 years, we have supported the financial freedom over 800 immigrant families in addition to Women from domestic abuse shelters in the Bay.