Frequently Asked Questions


We understand that you may need to reschedule or cancel your house cleaning appointment.

Here are our policies:

  • No Charge within two business days’ notice. 
  • $ 50 dollar fee within one business day’s notice. 
  • Full Charge for same-day notice.

We understand how frustrating paying a fee or a full-charge service is, especially when there has been an unforeseeable event. However, we must implement this policy so that cleaners can establish their own financial accountability, given they are creating their schedules to fulfill their client’s requests.

+Are the cleaners trustworthy?

Our cleaners are experienced and professional. The house cleaners all have liability Insurance and must pass continuous rigorous background checks. They must pass professional cleaning exams, as well as maintain high ratings to continue cleaning for our clients.

+How do I book?

You can obtain rates or book an appointment online. Our flat rates are based on the floor plan of your home. (the TOTAL number of rooms and bathrooms in the home).

If you are excluding any rooms in the home, and/or only want some areas of the house cleaned and/or certain tasks, we can arrange a personalized cleaning service at our hourly rate. Please contact the office to schedule a cleaning at the hourly rate.

+Will you send different people to my place?

That is the beauty of a referral agency – You can schedule individual appointments with your preferred house cleaner, or even set up a recurring schedule. Recurring schedules offer a mutually beneficial working relationship between house cleaners and clients. With a recurring schedule, the cleaner will have familiarity with your home and will be devoted to maintaining and perfecting your home. If your house cleaner(s) is not available for any reason, our office staff will notify you to reschedule or arrange for a substitute housekeeper to fill in. Please contact the office to arrange a recurring cleaning schedule.

+How do I prepare for the cleaning?

We recommend advising your house cleaner about your priorities and expectations for the cleaning service, along with any instructions regarding pets, keys, alarms, or any other specific issues related to your home. It is also greatly appreciated when clients organize personal objects beforehand, such as toys, clothes, make-up, books, etc…

Learn how to get the most out of your house cleaning.

+Do I need to provide cleaning supplies?

The house cleaner(s) will provide all of the eco-friendly, green cleaning products for every cleaning service.

+Do I need to have cleaning equipment available for the cleaners?

The cleaners will bring all of the equipment needed for the cleaning service, such as a vacuum, mop, rags, buckets, brooms, etc.

+Is Sparkling Clean Service a franchise?

Sparkling Clean is a local house cleaning service.

+What about gratuities?

The cleaners never expect gratuities but would be very happy to receive them.

+Is Sparkling Clean pet-friendly?

Most of our cleaners are comfortable working around pets. It is always a good idea to introduce your pet to the cleaners – a friendly introduction can go a long way.

+How do I pay?

Our only form of payment is credit cards. We will ask you for your credit card information when you make the cleaning appointment, and we will charge the card on the day of your service.

+Can I solicit the cleaner?

Each cleaner signs an agreement specifying that all clients provided to him/her/they through Sparkling Clean Pro belong to the company. If the cleaner tries to solicit clients despite this agreement, he/she/they will be liable for a breach-of-contract fee. Please don’t try to solicit them or encourage them to solicit you.

+Do I need to pay taxes? Do the cleaners pay taxes?

You don’t need to pay taxes on your cleaning service. Sparkling Clean pays all the income taxes for the business as well as the payroll taxes for the office employees. The cleaners receive a 1099 form at the end of the year and pay taxes subject to their profit.

+What is the cleaners’ worker status?

Our Cleaners are fully employed by Sparkling Clean Pro. We carry workers’ compensation insurance, health insurance 401k, vacation, and paid holidays. We currently offer employees the best wage in the cleaning industry.

+How does the recurring service work?

For more information about our recurring cleaning service, please click here.

+What's not included in the services?

Please click here to see a list of what’s not included in our services.