Cross-Contamination in Your Home

One of Sparkling Clean Pro’s latest improvements has been implementing across all of our green cleaning service’s the color-coded microfiber rag system. This system assigns a specific color for a specific area of the house to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. They currently use 4 colors: Blue for dusting, Red for the bathroom, Green for the kitchen and Yellow for the floor.


After each cleaning service, we utilize our organized and efficient laundry system that sterilizes all rags according to its colors. Color-coding rags is essential to make sure we don’t use the same rag or sponge for your bathroom sink and your toilet bowl, or your bedside table and your floors.

Have Your Own Set

How to go the extra-mile and 100% guarantee no cross-contamination?

We have found, since implementing this system, that there are few safeguards against cross-contamination between households. This is especially important for people with severe pet allergies or auto-immune diseases.


We recommend purchasing Sparkling Clean Pro’s set of color-coded rags and mop pads instead of having your cleaning service done with our in-house rags and mops. This way, there is literally zero risk of cross-contamination between households and you can rest assured that your home is 100% clean and healthy, head to toe.

We offer one set of rags and one set of mop pads:

Rag Set   

  • 16 color-coded microfiber rags (4 for each color)
  • 3 microfiber rags for glass and windows
  • 3 microfiber rags for special glass and chrome

This set contains a total of 22 rags and is priced at $27

Mop pads Set

  • 3 wet cleaning pads
  • 2 dry cleaning pads

This set contains a total of 5 pads and is priced at $21

The microfiber rags are made from 80% polyester and 20% nylon and are quick-dry products. Apart from the fact that this system prevents cross-contamination of bacteria, we love the color-coded microfiber rags and mop pads because they are 100% environmentally friendly: Once the crew finishes the green cleaning service, they will put all your rags and mop pads into the washing machine and all you need to do is pop them in the dryer. You can reuse them countless times which means more money in your wallet (think what paper towels and swifter mops will cost you over the course of one year alone!) and doing your bid to save the environment – even the strongest paper towel can only be used once.

Contact us to get your own set!