Full Message on the COVID-19 from Sparkling Clean Founder:

“I believe that the Covid-19 global pandemic has changed our vision around cleaning, diving deeper into specific methods of current Health Regulations.  Within our new reality, the cleaning industry has changed forever. Cleaning is essential to fight this pandemic, providing the necessary environment for our health. 

 The hyper-focus on cleaning has promoted all kinds of changes, like aesthetics and scents, to mandatory removal of harmful pathogens at your home, workspaces, and public spaces, such as malls, restaurants, worship centers, shops, etc. 

The Cleaning industry has developed new technology equipment, products, work practice, and extensive protocols to suit the urgent needs of our times. 

Our vetted, professional Cleaners are well prepared, with such state-of-the-art equipment, like backpack vacuums with HEPA filters and mist machines for perfect disinfection.

They are cleaning technicians, trained to professionally clean the specific materials of your surfaces, counters, and floors with the correct cleaning solution. 

They have become microbial warriors following the disinfecting guidelines from GBAC Global Biorisk Advisory Council. 

We are committed to fighting this situation carrying the responsibility that belongs to the cleaning Industry in changing the future to ‘Cleaning for Health’.”

– Vanessa Terra Bossart



With the spread of COVID-19 within our communities, we are often asked, “Is Residential Cleaning Essential”?

Why residential cleaning is essential? 

It is a common misconception that hiring a Cleaning Service to clean your home is a luxury, in our current times it is considered essential and necessary!

Having a clean home is on everyone’s mind these days, especially because COVID-19 continues to affect the world since more people are Working and Studying from home.

Sparkling Clean’s number one priority is to provide consistent high-quality residential cleaning during these challenging times.






Keeping your window open just isn’t enough. Although fresh air is extremely important to keep air circulation moving in your home, it still doesn’t remove another factor of air quality: Dust!

Dust likes to linger on blinds, drapes, carpets, upholstery, and furniture. Dirty indoor air is more common than you think. Scheduling our recurring cleaning services for your home is essential to guarantee your fresh clean air!

It is paramount for ALL OF US to guarantee a level of air quality if we wish to avoid COVID-19’s contamination, but further so, if your household includes: Infants, young children, the elderly, and people with immune deficiencies or asthma. If you have young children or older people living in your home, you can help protect them against a range of unpleasant, uncomfortable, and dangerous health conditions with our help thereby making Residential Cleaning essential even without COVID-19 concerns.



As we moved our Work and Study station to our homes, we have become further isolated and further dependent on the structures of our homes. Spending more time at home not only has made us isolated from social circles but also subjected us to the demands of our home, creating intense cycles of messing and cleaning. Spending all of our time working and cleaning can be exhausting and psychologically degrading. Our bodies also need exercise, self-care, and social activities to feel balanced.    

Finding a good balance between these activities is paramount for our mental health and one of our challenges during the pandemic. Sparkling Clean can help you create more time for your self-balance quest! 

Hiring a professional cleaning service will help you keep your home clean and comfortable, allowing you more free time to enjoy doing the things you love to do, even if they are through Zoom or wearing a mask.

Please feel free and reach out if you have any questions or concerns, we’re happy to answer your questions.



Sanitization and disinfection of your home is the only line of defense against COVID-19. If you have been infected by the virus or were visited by someone who tested positive for COVID-19 you must sanitize and disinfect your home immediately! This will guarantee the killing of the remaining germs of the last 24 hours. Hiring our recurring services will also help diminish the chances of household infection for clients that have been in contact with COVID-19 without prior knowledge.  

Our Cleaners have the latest training utilizing the most efficient disinfectants for the coronavirus. We have COVID-19 protocols in place, following the CDC guidelines, and wearing masks, gloves, and shoe covers when entering every home. Additionally, we will disinfect our equipment and supplies before each appointment. When following these best practices your domestic worker will not violate any of the established PPE or social distancing protocols.


New Enhanced Safety Protocols in place

We assure you that we are taking every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Keeping our domestic workers and clients healthy and safe is our #1 priority.

We have recommended new and enhanced safety protocols. We’d like to share with you a detailed overview of our Safety and Disinfection training: 

Our professional cleaners have been taking additional training, which covers a wealth of information designed to keep our domestic workers and clients safe. This training includes:

  • Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) usage
  • New disinfecting product/equipment usage
  • Safety Protocols for social distancing
  • Enhanced disinfection services

All of our domestic workers utilize recommended hand-hygiene products and handle PPE removal the proper way, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness.

Team member PPE includes:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Masks
  • Shoe covers
  • Hand sanitizer

Along with the use of new disinfecting products, our domestic workers have been trained to disinfect high-touch areas thoroughly to effectively kill germs. Supplies are replenished at the end of the day while wearing proper PPE, and the areas are disinfected afterward.


What to Expect During Your Cleaning Services?

Due to the new and enhanced safety protocols, you may be wondering what will happen during your cleaning services. We want to be sure you are comfortable while we’re in your home, so we’ve outlined what you can expect:

If you have special instructions for cleaning, please provide us these details over the phone or email, or you can leave a note at a designated place in your home (door, fridge, kitchen table), just please let us know where.  

Our cleaners follow these steps upon arrival at your home:

  • We can call or text you when we arrive to allow you time to unlock your entry
  • Outside of your home, we will put on our PPE and gather our freshly and thoroughly disinfected cleaning equipment and supplies.
  • Before we enter your home, you and your family may seclude yourselves in one area of your home while we clean the rest
  • Based on your needs and specific requests, we will thoroughly clean your home and provide enhanced disinfection services to effectively disinfect high-touch hard surfaces
  • We will announce when we are finished cleaning, then depart your home
  • We will remove PPE outside of your home following established guidelines

We hope that you and your family have implemented new protocols too. Whatever we can do to accommodate additional requests, we will be happy to discuss it. Stay well, and please reach out if there’s anything we can do!