Make a Commitment to a Green Living

As members of our San Francisco community, we at Sparkling Clean Agency are committed to reducing waste consumption by recycling everything we can and by buying office supplies made from recycled materials.

Recycling is one means of ensuring that the items we have finished using get returned to the resource pool, where they are either turned into something else or cleaned for reuse. Recycling had many benefits, including:

  • It reduces the amount of material that goes into landfills
  • It helps to conserve raw materials
  • It helps to reduce the consumption of energy – manufactures would consume more to create new products from scratch.
  • It can lessen the pollution involved with waste disposal
  • It helps to conserve our natural resources by reducing the consumption of raw materials.

Not everyone feels motivated to recycle and sometime it can seem like a complex undertaking. But once you understand the benefits and learn how to recycle, you’ll realize it is not that hard and it soon becomes a habit.

Here are some helpful steps to take:

1. Make a commitment to recycling as much as you can in your household

  • If you have children, talk to them about the benefits of recycling and get them involved.
  • Start seeing garbage itself as a resource. A lot of garbage that cannot be reused can be recycled or transformed.

2. Learn what can and cannot be recycled.

3. Set up your own personal recycling system that works best for your home. Recycling takes up some space at your home, so it is important that you create a designated area for the bins and know when they need to be put out.

4. Get involved! Consider hosting a recycling event in your area. There are a lot of amazing things you can do to get into the recycling spirit including:

  • Have a garage sale or yard sale
  • Arrange a community swap meeting
  • Collect and donate items such eyeglasses, clothes, costumes, stationary, computers, fire extinguishers, ink cartridges, or construction materials.
  • Make crafts from a recycles items. Hold a recycled arts and craft exhibition. Encourage all local residents to enter something they have made from recycled material.

Make recycling a habit and  integrate it  into your lifestyle. Soon you will think about  ways that you can reduce the amount of disposable items you bring into your home, such plastic shopping bags. We at Sparkling Clean Agency we are committed to a green cleaning and we leave one reusable shopping bag at each client’s home.

How to remember to take your reusable shopping bag with you to the store

You probably know what a waste of resources most plastic bags are. You may even have some reusable bags of your own. But are they going with you to the store? Or you still using plastic bags? Reusable bags are great for groceries, but they can also be used when you buy clothing, items from the drugstore, and many other things.

Ways to remember to take your reusable bags with you:

  • Get informed and remind yourself why you want to do your part in reducing the waste that goes to our landfills.
  • Put your bags where you will see and use them. This is the key to helping you remember them.
  • Write to the top of your list “take the bag.”
  • Tell your kids that is important to take their own bags. If you have kids and you take them shopping with you, explain why you want to take back bags, and put them in charge of helping you remember to take them in.

As soon you empty your bags, put the bags back wherever you normally store them, so that they’re ready to go with you on your next trip to the store.