May 14, 2013

Step by Step Tips to Green Cleaning Your Home!

One of the goals we always strive for at Sparkling Clean Agency is to provide you with countless tips and tricks around green house cleaning, so that you can begin implementing some of our philosophies and methods we have found useful.

Over the years, the expert green cleaners we have worked with and referred have amassed a tonne of first-hand insights into the challenges and benefits of green cleaning, from different non-toxic products we have tried, to different living spaces and other factors, such as allergies, pets, young children, limited space, and much more.

At Sparkling Clean, we collect these insights and analyze them. What patterns have we discovered? What expertise have we gained? Are there any tips and tricks we can share with our clients for an easy green and clean home and life? Asking these questions and providing this level of customer service, long after the cleaning job is done, helps us create a growing community of green cleaning enthusiasts in San Francisco. And that, ultimately, creates a safer and healthier environment for all of us!

Below is a very useful infographic we found on the website The Mindful Word. It explains, step by step, how you can use natural alternatives to harsh chemical products, room by room, and even outside your house! Check back soon on our blog for more tips and tricks or contact us for your next appointment for an expert green & clean house!