January 11, 2022

How to Rid Your Home of Germs with Household Disinfecting

We all know that disinfecting is a vital component of home care. It’s important to disinfect your home on a regular basis, but it can be hard to remember when you last did so. In this blog post, we will explore how disinfectants work and the best ways to rid your home of germs. We’ll also give some tips for disinfecting specific items, such as kitchen counters and bathrooms!

Disinfecting your home is not just about killing bacteria or viruses, it’s also important to get rid of dirt and grime. Bacteria are everywhere! They’re in the air you breathe, on surfaces that you touch, and even under your fingernails. It only takes a tiny amount of bacteria to cause an infection, so it’s important to disinfect your home regularly.

There are many different types of disinfectants available on the market. Some work better than others at killing specific types of bacteria or viruses. For example, alcohol-based disinfectants are great for killing Norovirus (the stomach flu), but they’re not as effective at disinfecting surfaces that are frequently touched by children, like door handles or kitchen counters.

The way disinfectants kill germs is very different from the way antibiotics fight infections. Antibiotics attack specific bacteria based on their genetic makeup. They target certain genes and either prevent them from replicating or use certain enzymes to kill the bacteria. Disinfectants, on the other hand, attack all types of germs in one way or another. They may destroy proteins that are important for a bacterium’s survival. Disinfect surfaces so they’re unable to attach and reproduce, or change their metabolism so they can’t function normally anymore.

Disinfecting your home can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some tips for disinfecting different parts of your home:

  • Kitchen counters: Wipe down with an all-natural cleaning disinfectant.
  • Bathrooms: Clean surfaces with a non-toxic, eco-friendly disinfectant.
  • Door handles: Wipe down with a tea tree oil-based disinfectant to utilize the oil’s antibacterial properties.
  • Toys: Clean with a disinfectant that is safe for children.
  • Floors: Sweep or mop regularly and clean with a disinfectant.

Disinfecting your home is an important way to keep your family safe from germs. By following these tips, you can disinfect your home quickly and easily!

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