January 19, 2013

How Healthy Is Your Home?

Living in a healthy home is one of the most important steps toward a healthy life, as it touches all aspects of our lives, from how and where we prepare our food, to the products we use in every room, and on our clothes and sheets. A healthy home means a clean and safe home for our family, and there are many simple steps and tools you can take to ensure your home is in tip top health!

When we think of housekeeping – especially when trying to find help to keep up with our chores – we generally tend to focus on cleaning.  Dust, stains, dirty dishes and a general mess build up and we need help in making sure our house is not dirty. The dirt is gone, the house is clean: check. But when do we ever ask ourselves how healthy our home is? Pretty much never. Ironically, while we are increasingly aware of our health when it relates to our own body and our planet (think: sun-screen and recycling), we rarely connect the dots when it comes to our immediate environment: our home!

One of the first and simplest steps is to make sure you use only non-toxic cleaning products. The point of cleaning your house is not to replace bacteria with toxic chemicals, but to truly clean your house in a safe manner. There are a wide variety of safe cleaning products available in most stores and there really is no reason for buying a toxic product. That is why the cleaners we refer at Sparkling Clean Agency are all trained in recommending the best non-toxic cleaning products for your cleaning needs.

We even make our own in-house all-natural cleaning products for simple everyday cleaning needs. You can purchase them through us or make your own. At Sparkling Clean Agency, we love the anti-bacterial powers of tea tree oil. Without the harsh toxins, it’s a powerful solution for a quick wipe in the kitchen, especially if you have small children who are prone to exploring the world around them by touching and tasting everything. The healing power of tea tree oil is a well-known fact, and its effectiveness in killing bacteria and fungus works just as well around your home than on your skin. The best thing? It’s 100% natural, inexpensive, readily available and easy to use: simply dillute it with water and wipe down your kitchen surfaces.

Keep in mind that we are not promoting natural products simply because we think being green is cool, but because the health of your home is truly important to your own health. The effects of strong chemical cleaning products can be devastating, from migraines and asthma in adults to even some forms of non-genetic cancers in young infants who are exposed to such chemicals in the house and garden. If you are a parent, the website of the non-profit organization Healthy Child Healthy World contains a lot of information on potential harmful effects of chemicals on young children. Another great resource to make sure your home is safe and healthy is this great interactive feature by Healthy Child and WebMD: Health eHome guides you through a home room by room, pointing out potential health and environmental hazards that we can easily remove or improve to make sure our house is more green and more safe. We highly recommend you check it out and play around with this tool.

Apart from using tea tree oil, or educating yourself about potential health hazards in your home, here are countless other things you can do, from trying out many more natural solutions that are effective and affordable, to learning how to clean safely with children and pets. To help you,  we are working to put together a list of recommendations for easy-to-use natural cleaning products. All the cleaning crews we refer are trained in these tips and best practices, and will apply them around your house. They understand the need to be pro-active to make sure your home is not only clean, but also healthy. And if you are not a customer yet, we hope these tips will help you heal your home and keep your family safe!