December 23, 2022

Five Tips to Keep your House Organized

Sparkling Clean pro has come up with five tips to keep your house organized this end of year, so you can keep up with all the cooking and parties coming up!

It is a challenging cleaning time of the year, since we find ourselves with a lot of free time at home! To enjoy your living spaces like a pro, check out our best tips:


tips to keep your house organized


Tip 1 – Be on-top of your daily home routines

Routine is without a doubt cleaning’s best friend and a great tip to keep your house organized! Our daily habits around our home has a way to create huge messes, specially if they accumulate. Our golden tip is simple, but hard to accomplish:

Assign a home to EVERY object and clothing, and always put things back from where you took them from. 

key examples:

  • make your bed when you get up.
  • close product lids and put them back, as soon as you are done using them.
  • wash dishes and put them back once, as soon as you are done using them.
tips to keep your house organized


Tip 2 – Delegate Jobs

Make cleaning charts, assigning a weekly or biweekly clean up for all rooms of the house between roommates, family members, professionals and please, don’t leave out the kids! It is very important for kids to participate of house chores, it helps them build a organizational mind-set inside of them.


tips to keep your house organized


Tip 3 – clean one room per day, except weekends and holidays

Create the cleaning charts assignment for those living in the home, per room per person. One of the big reasons people fall back on their cleaning duties is because of lack of time and motivation once you see the amount of work ahead of them. Our tip to keep your house organized is to not overwhelm yourself by tackling an entire cleaning job in one go! this way you can maintain consistency in a reasonable fashion and make sure to enjoy your free time!


tips to keep your house organized


Tip 4 – Designate a Launch Pad

Ok, Launch pad’s is something everybody has whether they like it or not. Its just human to get home and have that terrible habit to just throw your shoes, jacket, purse and shopping bags either at you kitchen counter, beside your door, on the floor, on the sofa… you get the idea right?

Instead, find a place in your home (preferably beside your main entrance), and equipe it with a coat hanger, shoe station, organizational baskets and key pocket or hanger. Trust us this tip will immediately clear out your space and make your life easier from the get-go.


tips to keep your house organized


Tip 5 –  Don’t make piles ever

This is one of the biggest mistake of organization, because piles gives us an illusion of having floors, tables and counters organized, but really all it is, is: procrastination.

Big tip: Never create heaps or piles!

Examples: piles of documents, of books, of clothing, of laundry, of cables. Non of it. Remember, never make piles! 

If you keep this note inside your mind, or on a big poster in your room (lol), you can help yourself resolve the final destination of your objects right then and there. When we create temporary solutions, the likely-hood you will get back to it in weeks, or months later, is gigantic, and soon your come to realize most your counters and corners are just temporary piles of kinda-of-random things. So please, do yourself this favor, and help yourself store your documents and objects directly to their final destination as soon as you are done using them.


tips to keep your house organized