How to Get the Most of Your House Cleaning

Help Your Professional Housekeeper Help You!

As with anything in life, a little preparation can improve outcomes by a lot. The same is true for professional house cleaning. If you are considering spending money to let a professional housekeeper do the work and save you valuable time, you want to know that you can:

1) Trust your professional housekeeper to understand your cleaning needs,

2) Getting your money’s worth,

3) Feel like your life overall has improved.

And with a little communication, prioritization, and focus, you will be able to achieve all of these rapidly and without needing to spend more money. Based on our in-depth expertise, and feedback from the customers and professional housekeepers we work with, here is how to get the most out of your house cleaning service, in three simple steps!

1. Make a plan

By reflecting on what you need help with and how much, you will be able to form a clear idea in your head of what to expect. A short list will help you budget your money and time for your house cleaning service appointments. Start with thinking about how much work there is around the house.

A simple plan will also help your professional housekeeper prioritize and keep a routine that works for both of you. A large part of a good plan involves discussing any particular wishes or requests with your professional housekeeper. For example: if you have a dust allergy, mention it! A good relationship is always based on trust. A good way of doing this is walking your professional housekeeper cleaner through your house on the first day to explain what your cleaning needs are and what to be aware of.

2. Be prepared

Being prepared before your professional housekeeper arrives is crucial. Setting a regular schedule helps both you and your house cleaner keep track of appointments and cleaning needs in advance. If you are not home, make sure your professional housekeeper can enter your home easily and get straight to work. Make sure that you remain available in case of an emergency or unexpected turn of events.

Most importantly, includes decluttering and tidying up your home. Keep in mind that picking up and putting back knick-knacks, picking up toys, or folding and storing clothes takes a lot of valuable time away from actually cleaning.

If this was not previously agreed upon in your house cleaning plan and schedule, your cleaner might feel frustrated and never actually get to his or her cleaning tasks during the appointment time, which may interfere with both your and your cleaner’s schedule. You will end up either not having a clean home or needing to spend much more money than you expected. To avoid this, always make sure your home is ready to be scrubbed and mopped, and dusted so that it’s sparkling clean when you come home at the end of your cleaning appointment.

3. Communicate

Finally, if you don’t have time to declutter and prepare your home before your house cleaning appointment, you can change your cleaning plan and agree to a new routine that involves more tasks and more hours or more frequent visits. On the other hand, if you feel that your home is still very clean just before your next cleaning appointment, take some time to talk to your professional housekeeper and devise a plan and a routine that works better for you.

Either way, communication is very important. After all, you are paying a professional to do a job. They have the expertise, but you need to know what works for you and be upfront about it. Cleaning a home is a very personal and delicate affair. Most people think twice before letting a stranger into their homes, especially when they are away at work. Most people are also very picky when it comes to their homes and how to clean them. It’s always a good idea to communicate clearly and often with your professional housekeeper from the very beginning.

It is much easier to do a good job when expectations are set from the onset, and feedback is given regularly. This will help your professional housekeeper adjust their routine to your individual cleaning needs and requests, and even your quirks so that you can have the most relaxed and satisfying experience. A professional house cleaning service, after all, is not simply about cleaning, but about making life that little bit easier for you.