House Cleaning jobs

Be your own boss set your own schedule!

Sparkling Clean cleaners provides daily hotel-style cleaning service for residential homes in San Francisco. Sparkling Clean partners housekeepers can control their schedule, establish repeated weekly business, and choose which day and time to work

Thank you for your interest in our agency.

Our recruitment process consists of five steps, please make sure that you are scheduling the meeting appropriate to the stage of the process you are in.

1. Orientation meeting: This meeting lasts 1:30 hours and we explain how our agency works. To participate in this meeting the candidate does not need to have all the prerequisites is an opportunity to understand who we are. During this meeting we delivered a copy of our agreement (contract) for your reference, the table with the values ​​we charge the client and the forms to start the partnership with the agency.

2. Interview : If you are ready to work at the agency you can schedule for the next step through our online booking: Meeting to deliver the completed forms. This meeting lasts for 15 minutes, and during the meeting we will arrive at the completed documents and conduct a short interview about your experience in the cleaning area.

3. Process: now we do our homework. We will check your criminal record and your professional and personal references.

4. On Board Process:  After checking your documents you will receive an email to schedule our on board process in which you will schedule in our online booking system: “Meeting to register with the agency”. This meeting lasts for 30 minutes and during that meeting we will register you at the agency and put it on the online booking system.

5. Recruiting meeting : This is the meeting where we explain in detail how the agency operates.

Thank you for your patience and we hope you will be part of our agency.

Any questions, I am available.

The best way to contact us is by email: or by text message at (415) 930-4049.