Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

At Sparkling Clean we are committed to eco-friendly and green cleaning! All our cleaners use exclusively non-toxic cleaning products and are knowledgeable on the specific cleaning needs of every surface materials, ex: wood, tile, marble, metal, etc…

Our philosophy is that cleaning means: guaranteeing a health orientated life style, instead replacing bacteria to toxic chemicals.

Sparkling Clean cleaners use our own in-house all-natural cleaning products for simple, everyday house cleaning. We love the anti-bacterial powers that tea tree oil has on green cleaning service. It is a powerful solution for a quick wipe in the kitchen, and completely safe for allergies, or small children, at the exploring phase of development, touching and tasting everything close at hand.

Green Cleaning is not only about using non-toxic cleaning products, but also following procedures that reduce the consumption of natural resources and implement recycling whenever possible. Our housecleaners at Sparkling Clean Pro in San Francisco have attended workshops on recycling, eco-friendly house cleaning, a green cleaning technologies and methods. We guarantee we will protect your house, the air and your health with our green house cleaning services!


tea tree oil cleaning

The Power of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is Sparkling Clean Pro’s San Francisco, secret weapon when it comes to house cleaning.

It is a miracle worker, killing bacteria and fungus around your home as on your skin & hair. It’s 100% natural, inexpensive, readily available and easy to use.

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