January 19, 2023

What is the fastest way to declutter your house?

The fastest way to declutter your house is to keep a clear order of steps and not getting side tracked. It is a question we get a lot here at Sparkling Clean, but unfortunately to declutter a house is a process that takes time. The main reason to that is because of constant ‘on the spot’ evaluation you need to make of every object.


The Golden Rule to Declutter your House

All objects in your house should have a ‘home’,
AND you need to make sure to always put the objects BACK.


declutter your house


Although this rule seems easy enough, I am sure everyone reading this KNOWS it really isn’t! We have several things in our minds simultaneously, calls to make, work to finish, logistics of a household to handle, and a social life, it is hard to juggle life habits, needs and ‘organized’ movement around the house. The good news is that the human mind and body is very adaptable if you put your mind to it!

Healthline article’s says:

“According to a 2009 study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit. The study also concluded that, on average, it takes 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic.”

With enough training on the first 66 days, you can create automated habits, placing your objects directly at their ‘homes’ and creating a new lifestyle, and a permanently decluttered house! The best decision one can make, in our opinion! Life just magically flows after this lifestyle is set, we guarantee it! But before you embark on this journey, Sparkling Clean pro has come up with the essential steps for you to follow:

1. Start one category at a time

Choose what would you like to work on first. Some examples are: kitchen utensils & appliances, clothings, shoes, office tools, living room objects, bathroom, garage, personal items, books, documents.


declutter your home

2. Bring it back to one place

Let’s say you will start by kitchen utensils & appliances. Go around your house and collect all these misplaced kitchen object back to the kitchen. Place them all onto a clear surface.


3. Assign a destination to each object

Once everything is gathered in the same spot, go around cabinet by cabinet, drawer by drawer, and counter top and put all objects back into place.

Now this is the lengthy part of this step-by-step plan, because it is here you need the asses what goes where AND whether you really need the object or not?

This step is done in 2 parts:
– The first is holding each object and asking if you really use it. If the answer is no, then set it up on a donation pile.
– If the answer is yes, the second part is to assign it a home.


declutter your home

4. Decluttering the counters

A key of decluttering is to empty out countertops, clearing surfaces as much as possible, which means, all objects are neatly put away in cabinets, drawers, shelves or storage areas.

Through the process of letting go of objects into the donation piles you might have opened up some cabinet space. If the space you cleared up still isn’t enough to have empty countertops, then, it is time to plan a new shelving, or drawer system. Brings us to the next step!

declutter your home


5. Planning and execution

Write down a list or the new systems you need for extra storage space. Perhaps you already have storage space, and all you really need is a container system to better categorize your objects. In the case of a kitchen, for instance, your  could need more jars to put pantry objects in or more kitchen containers for all related utensils. In the case of a wardrobe it could look like: more hangers, a new drawer system, or shoe rack.

Plan your visit to the dollar store, container store, Ikea, Ross or whatever you prefer and purchase your list. Come back home and its time to set-up this new structure.

Say Hello to free counters!!!!


declutter your home

6. Repeat the step-by-step process in all categories.


Once your house is completely organized, and set-up for a decluttered house lifestyle, make sure to stick to a self-disciplined routine, to make the new habits become an automatic response to your movement at home.

One last tip for this learning period: Make sure to be extra mindful when you get home for shopping, school or work. This is the time we want to throw our bags, jackets keys, at what ever surface is close at hand, and just lay down to unwind. Before unwinding, make sure to be extra disciplined at this time: stop yourself, and place each item at it’s designated spot.


Check out the KonMari Method

We love the KonMari method of tidying-up by Marie Kundô, here at Sparkling Clean. We believe she has formulated a in depth process of understanding the connection between your home, your object, your habits, your lifestyle and we would go as far as saying, what lives in your heart!

If you would like to dive deeper into the Art to declutter your house, as a method to declutter aspects of yourself, of a life you are ready to let go of to open a knew lifestyle for you, we recommend following her method too:

“Tidying is a powerful tool, but it’s not the destination. The true goal of tidying is to clear away clutter so you can live the life you want. When you put your house in order using the KonMari Method™, you have no choice but to listen to your inner voice – because the question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life. When you reassess your belongings and organize your home, you set the stage for a huge transformation. This is the magic of tidying!”


Her method is set in 6 rules:

1 – commit yourself to tidying up

2 – Imagine your ideal lifestyle

3 – Finish discarding first

4 – Tidy by category not by location

5 – Follow the right order

6 – Ask yourself if it sparks joy