September 23, 2022

What is Post Construction Cleaning? 

Post Construction cleaning is an essential step for contractors, real estate agents or companies to hire!


Clients often ask Sparkling Clean Pro: What is the difference between post construction cleaning and deep cleaning?


The essential difference are the methods used to clean excess dust and intense construction materials that spread literally everywhere!

It is actualized in 3 phases:


Phase 1: Rough Cleaning


post construction cleaning service. dust removal


Clean-up of large items such as trash, debris, objects and left over material. Once that is done an overall sweeping takes places, removing intense dusts and all stickers of glass, counters and metals. 

Phase 2: Light Cleaning 


post construction cleaning

This most intensive part of the cleaning is an intense wipe down, top to bottom, windows, walls, cabinets, light fixtures, surfaces and counters, and lastly the floors. 

 Phase 3: Final Cleaning


post construction final



This phase of the cleaning must happen 2 days after the light cleaning, because it allows the chance for the micro dust to settle. It is a fairly quick clean-up where cleaners are instructed to look out for smudges, fingerprints, dust corners and any last imperfections. 

Hire us now and guarantee the best post construction cleaning for your property <3


Post-construction cleaning needs full time attention and may take a few days to be finished. For a construction contractor that has lots on their plate, this activity is not that easy to manage. Construction contractors are already focused on creating the building! The additional load of: ‘cleaning up their mess’ may become a real burden, and that is where we come in! Hiring a professional cleaner, whether it is through the construction contractor or finding your own is absolutely necessary!


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