August 16, 2022

The BEST 5 tips for senior citizen care

There is so much to enjoy once we reach the Golden years! It is a precious and also vulnerable time of our lives, where we require a slower pace, consistent rhythms and schedules and impeccable organization to insure we get the most of it!

To begin with, senior citizens should live in a hazard free environment, avoiding: slippery floors, high shelving units, excessive dirt and fumes, unlabeled pantry foods and medications, obstructed paths and hoarding. 

The way you organize your cleaning methods is a HUGE part of the senior care process. According to our research at Sparkling Clean Pro. here are our BEST 5 tips:


TIP 1 – Sparkling Clean’s deep cleaning and eco-friendly services 



Eco-friendly is absolutely the go-to cleaning method for seniors. When it comes to health concerns, GREEN cleaning products guarantees the absence of fumes, toxic chemicals, toxic residue, VOC (volatile organic compounds) getting into your lungs, your skin or even your food! 

By choosing GREEN cleaning you means you won’t have toxins affecting your immune system, respiratory systems, stimulating allergies and rashes, affecting eyes and allowing toxins in your blood stream. 

At this stage of our lives, we require impeccable air quality! It is also a time that we have increased dead skin cells and weak hair follicles, which in conjunctions to our slower mobility, prevents us from thorough cleaning up-keeps. For this reason, we recommend senior citizens enroll on Sparkling Clean Pro. recurring house cleaning services! We guarantee high standard, ethical and health-safe cleaning! Come home to fresh blinds, windows, floors, counter tops, high shelving units, furnitures and carpets, with that impeccable air quality you need! 

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TIP 2 – Extension tools










Maybe a broom or a long stick, isn’t just a stick. Maybe it could be a great tool to reach for the unreachable! 

At the senior stage of our lives, our muscles become increasingly tightened, lowering our mobility and flexibility. For this reason, any chance of falling is a number one concern, since the body requires extensive time to heal. This is why Sparkling Clean Pro. recommends having everything a senior citizen needs at reach. Shelving units, jars, spices, plates, clothes, socks, toiletries, pantry, medication, books, pet food! 

However, at times, some of these objects fall and roll under a furniture, or some of these objets are in high shelves, that we forgot to leave at reach!




For those occasions don’t go up on a ladder or chair, or frequently bend to pick something up from the floor, or under your bed or coach. We recommend picking sticks, or a broom as your friendly tool! Leave 2 or 3 of them, around your house at strategic places so you can just pick it up as you need. 

TIP 3 – Organization



This step for Senior Care is extremely important you create a clear organization system in all rooms. This means compartments, boxes and labels! Your rooms will not only be tidy but you can see at a glance what you need when you need it.

For this tip we recommend doing the sorting and labeling process  in pairs, with a friend, a care giver, or family member. 


TIP 4 – Community



Community is the name of the game. We need community to thrive in anything we do! For senior citizens, we need community for socializing, feeling loved and also too, to love and to feel useful by sharing our life experiences and knowledge with friends and younger generations! Community is a big part of Senior Care, one that balances their psychological and emotional health. 

Community is also the channel senior citizens have to reach out for help. From new food recipes, to picking something up for them, taking them grocery shopping, helping them get something from a high shelf and most importantly letting someone know if they are in an emergency. 

TIP 5 – Paying for Senior Care 



Sparkling Clean recommend Paying for Senior Care, click here to visit their website. 

The offer resources all around the U.S.A.

When a Senior Citizen either lacks much community, or are at a stage they have need professional help on a daily or weekly basis there are many options that Paying for Senior Care offers!

Home care, for instance, is non-medical caregiving and assistance provided in the client’s home. Care may include assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, transferring, and meal preparation; transportation; companionship; and more

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Assisted living, which, is a form of senior housing, where residents receive regular help with activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, toileting, grooming, and more. Help with transportation, shopping, medication management, and other activities that seniors find difficult to do on their own is also quite common. Assisted living facilities primarily help residents with non-medical needs. Although minor and infrequent medical services, such as first-aid for a wound, can sometimes be met on-site by nurses.



Paying for Senior Care also has many other resources such us, helping you financially plan for Alzheimer and memory care, medications and a number of other Senior Care products. 

To know more about what they can do for Senior Citizens, speak to their Expert for free at (855)481-6777 or to their Family Advisor at (206) 462-5728, or write them in their contact box, here.