December 16, 2022

Tackling Germs in your Home

Tackling germs in your home is challenging since It is impossible to be completely dirt-free, but Sparkling Clean Pro has come up with our best tips to keep germs and bacteria out of your living space as long as possible!

Fact’s on Germs

Time Magazine published an article discussing a study that researched seven families and their homes over the course of six weeks. The study showed that our bodies release natural bacteria onto nearly every single surface we contact. Not surprisingly, individuals spread the most bacteria between family members because of frequent physical contact. (This is why contagious illnesses tend to spread through the family quickly).

Creepy fact: Germs can divide every 20 minutes! This means regular cleaning (and handwashing) is the only way to keep the illness-causing germs at bay.

Most of the germs in your home are neutral. They’re normal, and they aren’t going to get you sick. The bacteria and germs you need to worry about lead to colds, stomach flu, and other illnesses, and there are certain areas of the home you are more likely to find these pesky microorganisms.

Bottom Line Germ’s Cleaning Tip

The most important tip is that there is no way you can eliminate bacteria if you haven’t properly cleaned out all organic matter first. The bottom line procedure is a 2 phase cleaning:

1st phase – removal of all dirt and dust from every single spot.

2nd phase – eco-friendly disinfectant products


Disinfecting cleaning


Tips for tackling germs in each room

Living Room Tip

Usually, living rooms have a continuous circulation of people, increasing the germs and bacteria wide-spread. Our tip would be to take off your shoes as soon as you get home and wash your hands straight away. That simple gesture alone increases the high probability of spreading outside bacteria to all surfaces of the house, like door knobs, switches, counters, rugs, carpets, and floors. It might be a little annoying at first to get into that habit, but trust us, it is so worth it!


tackling germs at home by taking ur shoes off at the door

Kitchen Tip

Cross-contamination is a default in kitchens. Our countertops usually get contact with a little bit of everything of our routines: shopping bags, cutting boards, cell phones, keys, planners, kids’ toys, food, kind of everything!  Since countertops are where ‘everything happens,’ make sure to wipe them daily after every time you have used them.

Our second tip, to avoid cross-contamination is to make sure you have specific sponges and cleaning cloths for everything: one for the counter tops, one for the light dishes, one for pans, and one for heavy-duty oven cleaning.


tackling germs at home by cleaning counter tops

Bedroom Tip

This is an easy and quick one:

Open your windows, let that air circulate, and change your sheets every 7-10 days.


tackling germs at home changing the sheets


Basement or Storage Room Tip

This is a difficult one since the tendency is to store endless amounts of stuff in these rooms. The biggest tip is to ‘Marie Kondo’ the most of it! Responsibly recycle or throw away everything you don’t need, and store in organized boxes all you decide to keep. Once everything is stored in concealed boxes, wiping floors, counters and the boxes is a quick and easy fix.

tackling germs storing your basement


This isn’t exactly a room, but it is a continuum all over the house! Make sure to sweep, vacuum and mop your floors and carpet on a weekly basis.


tackling germs by vacuuming


Regularly cleaning your home is the best way to ensure your family stays healthy all year round. Hiring a professional cleaning service for weekly or biweekly cleanings is a simple way to reduce bacteria in your home and save time. Call us today to learn more about our cleaning services.