January 15, 2013

Relax. And let us go the extra mile.

There are a lot of criteria we require when looking for help in our home – from reliability and affordability to convenience and trust. In the case of Sparkling Clean and other green cleaning services, you can add sustainability and wellness to the list.

Once you’ve ticked off all these basic items, you’ve succeeded in scouting and securing a reliable, affordable, flexible and green cleaning service. But what you probably really need is real help – a support system that knows what you need before you do, that really cares about your home and your family, and that takes the initiative to make sure your home is truly healthy without you ever thinking about it.

That’s what I truly want when it comes to professional help for my home, and that’s what I look for when referring professionals to my clients. As a busy business owner and a mother of two young children, I know what can make a real difference in my life.

A year ago, when I was pregnant with my second child, I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum or acute morning sickness – a debilitating and serious condition that has finally received more attention since the Duchess of Cambridge was diagnosed with it recently. I underwent the same problems during my first pregnancy a few years earlier, but this time, it was much worse, requiring me to spend extended periods of time in the hospital while spending the remainder of my pregnancy pretty much on bed rest. Looking back, I realize I would not have been able to do it without the help of Renata, my housekeeper and long-time cleaning professional referred by Sparkling Clean Agency.

Unable to take care of my home as before, I could not manage daily tasks and work piled up around me. I suffered enormous stress from being away from my business for so long, and for not being able to care for my young daughter in the same way a healthy mother would have been able to.

The constant pressure and anxiety, added to my fragile condition, really affected my life dramatically for a period of several months. But I felt great comfort and trust in the fact that Renata helped me clean my home and take care of me. Without me needing to say a word, she took the initiative to run a daily routine that organized my home and my family. She prioritized chores based on my family’s needs of the week, or even of the day, and went over and beyond her duties as a professional cleaner to make sure my child spend her days in a safe and healthy environment, had clean clothes to wear every day, and that no monstrous tasks piled up in my home to burden me or my husband during this difficult time.

After my pregnancy, I was incredibly grateful to Renata for going the extra mile to help me, and I realized that was a trait in all the professionals we refer. As a business owner, that makes me especially proud, and we now regularly hold meetings to create best practices on what we like to call the ‘wow factor’. Not only do we focus on customer service to offer convenient logistics and communications, but each of the 29 teams we refer to clients understands the importance of being attentive and pro-active. Being organized and prepared means no last minute surprises and no time and effort wasted. It means a productive working environment and, most importantly, a relationship based on caring. To me, going the extra mile made all the difference, as it does to our happy clients.

Owner, Sparkling Clean Agency