April 5, 2022

Reducing your Carbon Print Through Green Cleaning?

When it comes to reducing your carbon imprint, thinking of what you ‘let down the drain’ is of the essence. The products you consume and how you handle your trash are where to expand your consciousness! 

As a true San Franciscan or even a newbie, you probably want to do your part in leading a healthier life and helping the environment, Such as recycling, riding ur bike to work, avoiding plastic, buying vegan products, and going beyond!



Here are 3 ‘going beyond’ ideas:

1 – Only buy eco-friendly cleaning products for your house and body.


2 -Make sure you have proper and constant ventilation

(see our improved air quality post)


3 – Recycle cooking oil. 


Hire our Eco-friendly cleaning service!
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At Sparkling Clean we are 100% committed to using natural, eco-friendly, and non-toxic cleaning products so that you can come home to a safe toxic-free, and exceptionally clean home.

Our cleaners use a variety of green products and brands, depending on your needs. Some of our all-time favorite brands are Method and Citra Solv, and we religiously educate our teams on the newest green products and best practices, from natural treatments for any type of ailments your home might encounter to how our homes affect our health and our children’s health. We will share our tips and recommendations with you on this blog, but the greatest benefit is found in working with a cleaner who is trained with our knowledge and dedicated to greenhouse cleaning.

All across the San Francisco Bay Area, we work with the best green cleaners for your needs and your budget. Whether you need a quick cleanup after a move, in between Airbnb guests, a big Spring Cleaning effort, or regular maid service to help you stay on top of everything!