May 23, 2013

Non-toxic Air Fresheners: The best natural and DYI options for a truly clean home

A clean house often does not feel clean unless it also smells clean. Scented air fresheners have slowly moved from our bathrooms into each and every room in our home. From automatic Febreze spritzers to Glide plugs, air fresheners today not only promise to remove bad toilet, cooking or pet odors, but infuse the air we breathe with exotic scents, from “Fresh Laundry” to “Rainforest” or even “Christmas”. That such exotic scents, and even the mood altering scented candles we now place everywhere for a perpetual spa atmosphere are completely artificial, chemical and toxic is often forgotten.

Have you ever wondered where your headache or allergies might be coming from? It could be the air freshener in your car’s air conditioning, or the scented candles lining the shelves in your bedroom. Earlier this year, we told you about the hidden toxins in your home (and clothes!) and what you can do to check how healthy your home really is. Candles and air fresheners are part of such hidden toxins. They are especially dangerous because they do not have an alarming poisonous bleach smell, but rather smell like fragrant flowers and delicious desert.

But don’t fret. That does not mean that a truly green and healthy home cannot smell good. There are plenty of natural air fresheners and room scents to be found – or even made! From non-toxic fragrant stones to food-based natural concoctions, you will find many options to satisfy your cravings for a wonderfully smelling, yet safe and non-toxic home. At Sparkling Clean Agency, we also create our own green and non-toxic cleaning products, such as our Tea Tree, Lavender or Citrus based Cleaning Oils that not only do wonders cleaning but also leave a fresh and aromatic smell in your bathroom, kitchen, and on your hardwood floors. Next time you book a green house cleaning service through us, be sure to ask us or the expert cleaner we refer for samples of our in-house products as well as green cleaning tips!