January 27, 2023

How do moms keep a clean house?

Moms keep a clean house by building a clear schedule, organization routines and by having the proper storage container for everything. This is the practical, to-the-point answer. However, how can moms keep up with these organizational routines at a doable, pace?

The big problem mom’s share world-wide, is the short amount of time available for extra chores. Mom’s are so overworked as it is, can you imagine creating more plan’s within each plan while your share your attention with your child? Sounds exhausting right?

Each child has their unique personality and temperament, so certain strategies might be more helpful for some then others at different stages of their development. Please be aware that our suggestions are base guidelines, which you may tweak according to your specific needs.


how do moms keep their house clean?



The Key for moms to keep a Clean house

The key is to make a small effort everyday to accomplish doable chores. Even though you might not feel like it at the time, if you summon your focus and help yourself do that small chore now, you will be helping yourself later that evening. Later that evening, you will have less things on your list, and you will feel so happy and grateful for yourself.


1. Storage space & ALL of the containers

Having adequate storage space most certainly helps diminish clutter and has amazing advantages on our emotional health. To know where everything is placed and to have a quick decluttering system, which, allows your house to always be spacious, calms the mind when we are put in stressful situations.

Make sure to set-up your storage spaces, by either evaluating the storage you already have, de-cluttering it, or by setting up a new storage rack, drawers or shelving system, and all the proper containers along with it.


how do moms keep their house clean?


2. Have the kid’s help!

It is important to teach kids from an early to pick-up after themselves, of course at an adequate pace according to their age group. Installing this mind-set helps them naturally accept the notion that ‘everyone need to do their part’, and will help a lot when they grow into their teens.

By age 4, teach them to pick-up their own toys, books and school material, back into their rooms and container systems, and show them how to make their bed.


how do moms keep their house clean?

3. Do quick clean-ups after meals and before sleeping

Always spend at least 15 minutes cleaning up the kitchen after every meal. Put away the leftovers, put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, wipe down the kitchen counters, dining table, high chair and stove. And, sweep the kitchen floor! After cleaning, make sure you start the dishwasher. If you do this routine after every meal, keeping your kitchen clean will not be hard at all!

A 15 minute nightly routine to clean up and organize the living room, family room and play room will make keeping the house clean and tidy so much easier. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to wake up to a neat and beautiful house, sounds awesome, doesn’t it?


how do moms keep their house clean?

4. Make a daily cleaning schedule

Creating a cleaning schedule is essential to keeping your house clean when you have little kids. It will help you break down the cleaning of the house into simple tasks that feels less daunting and time consuming.

Keep in mind, that the easiest house cleaning schedule only requires you to spend a little time every day. With a 25 minute clean up routine every day, you’ll have a presentable house, pretty much all the time.


5. Hire a monthly Deep Cleaning

Book Sparkling Clean Pro online or give us a call! A monthly deep cleaning really is that extra hand, all moms need!

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