June 9, 2012

Green Cleaning Products We Love!

As a green house cleaning referral agency, Sparkling Clean offer a niche service. We refer professional cleaners whenever you need it, and handle the booking, instructions and feedback process so you can simply relax and return to a sparkling clean home.

What makes us unique? We exclusively refer domestic professionals dedicated to and trained in green house cleaning. And even though all of our referred cleaners are green pros, we continuously improve our know-how and service by studying new green products that come onto the market, and training the teams on better, greener, and safer practices. Some of the cleaners we work with even make their own organic cleaning solutions using tea tree oil and lavender, two essential oils that antibacterial and great for aromatherapy, respectively.

Our professionals provide all the green cleaning products required for the first session and are happy to advise you on whether your existing cleaning products are safe for your family and home. Together with your cleaning team you can choose your favorite green cleaning products. At Sparkling Clean Agency, we have tried and tested every natural, organic, green, eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning product, and really understand what works. If you would like to learn more on how to provide a clean and safe environment for your family, check out our favorite green cleaning products here!