November 30, 2018

Get Your Home Ready for The Holidays

The holidays are almost here!  Holidays can be a magical time filled with warmth and joy! However, cleaning and preparing your house for all the festivities and holiday guests can be overwhelming.  Here are a few tasks for your to-do list that will help you get your home holiday-ready, so you can eliminate the stress and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!

Make a List (Check it twice)

To remember everything and stay on top of things, and to plan your time and move smoothly from one task to the next, make a detailed list of everything that needs to get done.

Cut the Clutter

From the decorations and holiday crafts to the wrapping paper and gifts, the holidays can bring a lot of clutter.  Before bringing out all the holiday decorations, decluttering your space is a must. De-cluttering is especially important if you are hosting guests during the holidays. It’s also a great idea to sort through and organize items, and to explore new organizational methods.

Scrub Down the House

The holiday season is a great time to give your home a real deep clean. Take the time to do a deep clean and get those hard to reach spaces, like ceiling fans, high dusting, doors, vents, and blinds. It’s a good idea to vacuum and sweep under couches, and behind the fridge. Also, spot-clean the carpet to remove stains from footprints, spills, and pets. Walls should get a good spot clean as well especially around light fixtures, hallways, or anywhere less than three feet off the ground if you have children. Other overlooked tasks you can knock out during your holiday deep clean include cleaning shower doors & shining the bathroom mirrors.

Clean the Fridge & Oven

Whether you are traveling over the holidays or staying home, cleaning out your fridge is one of the most important holiday tasks. If you are travelling, you don’t want to return to spoiled food. If you are staying home, you will most likely be needing some extra space in the fridge for holiday meal prepping or leftovers. Your oven will most likely be working overtime this season. Put it through a cleaning cycle now and save yourself from holiday cooking mishaps.

Get Ready for Your Guests

Freshen up your guest rooms before company gets to town to ensure everyone has a comfortable stay.  To create a comfortable atmosphere for your guests, leave fresh sheets and pillowcases for them to use, as well as clean towels. Make sure the guest room closets are organized and free from clutter and make sure there is enough space for your guests to hang or store their belongings.

Set the Table

A great holiday tablescape is sure to impress your guests and inspire them with holiday cheer! A festive tablecloth is a must, as well as holiday-specific dinnerware. Create a theme for your holiday decorations and get creative with your centerpiece!  Arrange something that fits the theme of your holiday décor using anything from mini Christmas trees, candles, and fresh evergreen boughs. Finish your table with fancy and festive glasses and customized place cards.

Decorate & Turn up the Ambiance

Get into the holiday spirit, and treat yourself and your guests, to an inviting space by turning up the holiday ambiance. Trim your tree, light some candles, and add festive touches around the house. Put wreaths on the doors and make the whole place feel like a winter wonderland!

Get Some Help

If you find yourself too crunched for time, or if you really want to maximize your holiday time with loved ones, hiring a cleaning service may be a great solution. If you barely have enough free time juggling between work, family, and social obligations, then hiring a professional cleaning service can surely add value to the overall health and happiness your household this holiday season.