May 25, 2012

Finding Your Green Cleaning Company in the City

San Francisco boasts one of the best places to live, work and raise a family in the country. From its fun and diverse activities to its beautiful surroundings, the city offers an unmatched quality of life that attracts many of us.

As a true San Franciscan or even a newbie, you probably want to do your part in leading a healthier life and helping the environment. You may ride your bike to work, recycle and buy groceries in health food stores. But you also work hard on your career and save your weekends to build memories with friends. Thankfully, the city offers a vast array of services that let you live your busy life in the moment, without needing to compromise on quality.

At Sparkling Clean, we offer such a service. We believe that a clean house is essential for peace of mind, especially if you are short on time every week. But more importantly, we believe that a healthy and happy life begins with a healthy and happy home. This is why we are one of the few exclusively green cleaning companies in San Francisco. Our dedication to green healthy living is what makes us different, and we only refer cleaners who are 100% committed to using natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products, so that you can come home to a genuinely sparking clean home.

Our cleaners use a variety of green products and brands, depending on your needs. Some of the all-time favorite brands are Method and Citra Solv, and we religiously educate our teams on the newest green products and best practices, from natural treatments for any type of ailments your home might encounter to how our homes affect our health and our children’s health. We will share our tips and recommendations with you on this blog, but the greatest benefit is found in working with a cleaner who is trained with our knowledge and dedicated to green house cleaning.

All across the San Francisco Bay Area, we work with you to refer the best green cleaners for your needs and your budget. Whether you need a quick cleanup after a move, a big Spring Cleaning effort, or regular maid service to help you stay on top of everything, Sparkling Clean Agency is your answer to a healthy and happy home.