August 1, 2016

Enjoy summer without the Dirt

Check out a few tips to tackle common summer cleaning problems including in grill and pool cleaning.

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year. The heat, the sandals and the longer days make it just a little bit easier to sit back and relax for a few minutes. When you are sitting on your deck enjoying the heat on your toes and a cold glass of lemonade, the last thing you want to be thinking about is dirt, dust and build up around the house. But, summer-time fun also brings new things to keep clean and tidy. Check out a few of these tips to help make summertime cleaning quick and easy so you can get back to having fun in the sun.

Outdoor Cleaning

Getting the most of the summer means plenty of time in the warm outdoors. Keeping your outdoor living area clean and tidy will help you get your chill on with ease.

The Grill

The smell of burgers cooking on the grill is one of the most delicious things about summer, but cleaning up after your backyard barbecue is a bit less fun. Most people recommend a deep cleaning at least twice a season. When cleaning your grill, make to shut off any propane first. Try to wipe down the grate while it’s still a bit warm (Or try soaking it in a tub of hot water). Just use hot water, soap, and a scrub brush. Don’t forget to scrub the inside of the hood too. Tackle the drip pan before replacing everything. Don’t forget to clean out any debris (grass, dirt, leaves from any cabinet space.) If you clean it regularly, this should only take about 15 minutes.

Bonus tip: Use a vented grill cover to keep your grill cleaner, longer.

The Pool

Regularly clean your pool to prevent maintenance issues. A daily or weekly walk around your pool is a good idea. Remove debris with a net (before it sinks) check your filter, water level and chemical levels. You may need to purchase (or rent) a pool vacuum debris if you have many trees near your pool.

An extra easy tip: Toss a tennis ball in the pool at the beginning of summer. When friends and family jump into the pool, the water collects sunscreen and other lotions. This can build up in the water causing it to become filmy. The tennis ball with soak up all of that extra film and help keep your water clear.

Check your chemical levels. Your pH level should sit around 7.2 and 7.8.

The Yard:

Lucky for you, letting your grass grow a bit too long is actually healthy. You don’t want to let it grow too much, but cutting it too short can actually damage the lawn. For best results: mow the lawn when the grass is dry and don’t forget to hit the shady areas. When you finish mowing, don’t toss the grass. Check out this site for more information about Grasscycling (It’s a real thing!)

Toys and Tools

Summer weather means plenty of time to work in the garden or play in the yard. If you have a stack of toys and tools cluttering up your outdoor space, you can reclaim that area by finding creative storage solutions. Try using larger metal garbage cans to store shovels, hoes and other garden tools. The metal is easy to clean and it adds a rustic look to your yard. These are also a great place to store pool noodles and other water toys. Buckets and baskets are other great options for easy storage that looks great and stands up to the elements.


If you have an outdoor sitting area with blankets and pillows, make sure to clean them regularly to prevent germs and dirt from piling up. Toss blankets in the wash at least twice per month. You can hand-wash most pillows and allow them to air dry. Don’t forget to wash down your picnic table and chairs a few times to keep germs at bay and to remove dirt and dust.

Sand Matters

Having fun in the sun is a great way to while away the summer hours, but dragging dirt and sand into the house can make cleaning a pain. The best way to tackle these messes is to keep them from coming inside at all! Consider adding place outside the door where the family can deposit wet towels and dirty shoes. You can grab the basket and transport everything to the laundry room without creating a mess on your floor.

Other preventative steps: Wash vacation clothes before you get home. If you hit the beach, your clothes are probably full of sand. Make sure to wash your clothes before you pack them to come home. This will remove the sand so you don’t accidentally spread it all over your house when you get back.

Despite all your preparation, you’re probably going to get a bit of dirt or sand in the house of the car anyway. If the affected area is small, take it outside and beat the rug until the sand is all gone. Mom’s Budget recommends wearing sunglasses or protective goggles to keep sand out of your eyes.

If the spill is too big or you cannot remove the carpet (like in a car), you can vacuum it up. You need a vacuum with good suction power. Set the height to the lowest level (so the brush is lower to the carpet) and run over the area several times. This may take a bit of hard work, but the sand will disappear. If you get sand or dirt on the kitchen floor, a quick sweep with the broom and a wet mop should get rid of the sand with ease.

Do you have any tips for keeping your outdoor space clean in the summer? Share your thoughts in the