February 22, 2023

Does Deep House Cleaning Help with Allergies?

Deep house cleaning, does indeed help with allergies. However, we believe that beyond deep cleaning, what solves the allergen problem is to deep clean with strictly green cleaning products!

Sparkling clean pro is dedicated to maintaining your health in check. We understand that as a cleaning company our deep house cleaning services not only provides customers with a better organized home. Contributing to customers emotional stability and physical health.

One of our main concerns regarding physical health are allergens and we have detected that the two main sources are:

1 – Pollen – for people with high sensitivity to pollen, which, wide-spreads due to spring seasons.

2 – Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS) – for people with respiratory sensitivity to synthetic chemicals present in toxic cleaning products.


deep house cleaning allergies



Allergy season can start as early as February in certain places, specially regions that don’t snow! It definitely counts for San Francisco, since our winters can oscillate between cold winds to quite warm days. As such, San Francisco’s ecology falls into the category of places that its pollinization processes begin as early as February until the summer months. Beautiful for the views, but challenging for sensitive noses and eyes.


Tips – House Cleaning to Remove Pollen:

It is important to locate the most accumulative spots pollen to mix with dust, mold and mites in your house, such as: carpets, upholstery, ben linen, floors, cluttered spaces, curtains and blinds.

Tip 1 – Wash pillow cases, linen and curtains with hot water settings to remove pollen and mites.

Tip 2 – Vacuum your carpets everyday, with vacuums that use HEPA filters, and ensure your filters are clean.

Tip 3 – Use allergy rated natural air purifiers, like Tea Tree essential oil in diffusers.

Tip 4 – Keep your pets clean and brush them daily, to ensure they don’t accumulate pollen and dust particles in their hair.

Tip 5 – Reduce clutter and ensure that pollen has less space to settle on.

Pro Tip – Hire our Services!

For people sensitive to pollen, we do not recommend cleaning your homes yourself. In the process of house cleaning, removing linen, vacuuming carpets and dusting upholstery, blinds and shelves only throws dust into the air. This may seriously aggravate whatever symptom you already are facing.

Another main concern are carpets, which, are the top dust accumulator in homes and the only way to completely clean a carpet is hiring professional deep carpet cleaning. We highly recommend Sparkling Clean Pro.’s deep house cleaning services in San Francisco, being convenient, caring and with high quality efficiency!


deep house cleaning allergies


Customers who have asthma, immune deficiency or allergic reaction’s to VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) present in toxic cleaning products, are 100% advised to go eco-friendly when it come’s to home cleaning. Many people are already allergic to VOC’s, however, even if you are slightly allergic or not allergic at all, studies have shown that people can come to develop allergies and asthma once in constant contact to these toxic substances, that irritate skin, eyes, respiratory systems and even your immune system.

VOC’s are almost always transmitted through fume inhalation, although you may also experience skin contact. Symptoms of allergies include: itchy throat, irritated eyes, difficulty breathing, headaches, nausea, skin rashes, loss of orientation. In severe cases: damaged liver, kidney and central nervous system.

We believe that Green house cleaning is the future for everyone! It is an important step towards ensuring the health of people, babies, pets and nature.

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