June 16, 2012

A deep-cleaning facial for your home.

Finding a way, let alone the right method, to clean out old dirt that finds its way between carpet fibers and in our rugs and furniture is a problem that bothers many of us. While this type of dirt is particularly frustrating and time-consuming to clean, not cleaning it often results in the most severe long-term damage to our homes, not to mention health implications to ourselves.

To avoid the growth and spread of harmful bacteria, consider steam cleaning your home. While this is primarily a way to thoroughly clean carpets, it’s best thought of as giving your entire home a deep-cleaning facial. Steam cleaning can be applied to carpets and rugs, but also to curtains and upholstered furniture, tiles in kitchens, bathrooms and other humid spaces, as well as to concrete walls in your basement and even the outside of your house. Keeping a home clean is not only a matter of looks. A good regular steam clean with the right non-toxic products will leave your home smelling great, and sparkling clean to the smallest pore. Do your health a favor and treat your home to a deep-cleaning facial!