Does Deep House Cleaning Help with Allergies?

Deep house cleaning, does indeed help with allergies. However, we believe that beyond deep cleaning, what solves the allergen problem is to deep clean with strictly green cleaning products!

Sparkling clean pro is dedicated to maintaining your health in check. We understand that as a cleaning company our deep house cleaning services not only provides customers with a better organized home. Contributing to customers emotional stability and physical health.

One of our main concerns regarding physical health are allergens and we have detected that the two main sources are:

1 – Pollen – for people with high sensitivity to pollen, which, wide-spreads due to spring seasons.

2 – Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS) – for people with respiratory sensitivity to synthetic chemicals present in toxic cleaning products.


deep house cleaning allergies



Allergy season can start as early as February in certain places, specially regions that don’t snow! It definitely counts for San Francisco, since our winters can oscillate between cold winds to quite warm days. As such, San Francisco’s ecology falls into the category of places that its pollinization processes begin as early as February until the summer months. Beautiful for the views, but challenging for sensitive noses and eyes.


Tips – House Cleaning to Remove Pollen:

It is important to locate the most accumulative spots pollen to mix with dust, mold and mites in your house, such as: carpets, upholstery, ben linen, floors, cluttered spaces, curtains and blinds.

Tip 1 – Wash pillow cases, linen and curtains with hot water settings to remove pollen and mites.

Tip 2 – Vacuum your carpets everyday, with vacuums that use HEPA filters, and ensure your filters are clean.

Tip 3 – Use allergy rated natural air purifiers, like Tea Tree essential oil in diffusers.

Tip 4 – Keep your pets clean and brush them daily, to ensure they don’t accumulate pollen and dust particles in their hair.

Tip 5 – Reduce clutter and ensure that pollen has less space to settle on.

Pro Tip – Hire our Services!

For people sensitive to pollen, we do not recommend cleaning your homes yourself. In the process of house cleaning, removing linen, vacuuming carpets and dusting upholstery, blinds and shelves only throws dust into the air. This may seriously aggravate whatever symptom you already are facing.

Another main concern are carpets, which, are the top dust accumulator in homes and the only way to completely clean a carpet is hiring professional deep carpet cleaning. We highly recommend Sparkling Clean Pro.’s deep house cleaning services in San Francisco, being convenient, caring and with high quality efficiency!


deep house cleaning allergies


Customers who have asthma, immune deficiency or allergic reaction’s to VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) present in toxic cleaning products, are 100% advised to go eco-friendly when it come’s to home cleaning. Many people are already allergic to VOC’s, however, even if you are slightly allergic or not allergic at all, studies have shown that people can come to develop allergies and asthma once in constant contact to these toxic substances, that irritate skin, eyes, respiratory systems and even your immune system.

VOC’s are almost always transmitted through fume inhalation, although you may also experience skin contact. Symptoms of allergies include: itchy throat, irritated eyes, difficulty breathing, headaches, nausea, skin rashes, loss of orientation. In severe cases: damaged liver, kidney and central nervous system.

We believe that Green house cleaning is the future for everyone! It is an important step towards ensuring the health of people, babies, pets and nature.

Read: Volatile Organic Compounds May Worsen Allergies and Asthma

How do moms keep a clean house?

Moms keep a clean house by building a clear schedule, organization routines and by having the proper storage container for everything. This is the practical, to-the-point answer. However, how can moms keep up with these organizational routines at a doable, pace?

The big problem mom’s share world-wide, is the short amount of time available for extra chores. Mom’s are so overworked as it is, can you imagine creating more plan’s within each plan while your share your attention with your child? Sounds exhausting right?

Each child has their unique personality and temperament, so certain strategies might be more helpful for some then others at different stages of their development. Please be aware that our suggestions are base guidelines, which you may tweak according to your specific needs.


how do moms keep their house clean?



The Key for moms to keep a Clean house

The key is to make a small effort everyday to accomplish doable chores. Even though you might not feel like it at the time, if you summon your focus and help yourself do that small chore now, you will be helping yourself later that evening. Later that evening, you will have less things on your list, and you will feel so happy and grateful for yourself.


1. Storage space & ALL of the containers

Having adequate storage space most certainly helps diminish clutter and has amazing advantages on our emotional health. To know where everything is placed and to have a quick decluttering system, which, allows your house to always be spacious, calms the mind when we are put in stressful situations.

Make sure to set-up your storage spaces, by either evaluating the storage you already have, de-cluttering it, or by setting up a new storage rack, drawers or shelving system, and all the proper containers along with it.


how do moms keep their house clean?


2. Have the kid’s help!

It is important to teach kids from an early to pick-up after themselves, of course at an adequate pace according to their age group. Installing this mind-set helps them naturally accept the notion that ‘everyone need to do their part’, and will help a lot when they grow into their teens.

By age 4, teach them to pick-up their own toys, books and school material, back into their rooms and container systems, and show them how to make their bed.


how do moms keep their house clean?

3. Do quick clean-ups after meals and before sleeping

Always spend at least 15 minutes cleaning up the kitchen after every meal. Put away the leftovers, put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, wipe down the kitchen counters, dining table, high chair and stove. And, sweep the kitchen floor! After cleaning, make sure you start the dishwasher. If you do this routine after every meal, keeping your kitchen clean will not be hard at all!

A 15 minute nightly routine to clean up and organize the living room, family room and play room will make keeping the house clean and tidy so much easier. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to wake up to a neat and beautiful house, sounds awesome, doesn’t it?


how do moms keep their house clean?

4. Make a daily cleaning schedule

Creating a cleaning schedule is essential to keeping your house clean when you have little kids. It will help you break down the cleaning of the house into simple tasks that feels less daunting and time consuming.

Keep in mind, that the easiest house cleaning schedule only requires you to spend a little time every day. With a 25 minute clean up routine every day, you’ll have a presentable house, pretty much all the time.


5. Hire a monthly Deep Cleaning

Book Sparkling Clean Pro online or give us a call! A monthly deep cleaning really is that extra hand, all moms need!

click here 


House Cleaner

What is the fastest way to declutter your house?

The fastest way to declutter your house is to keep a clear order of steps and not getting side tracked. It is a question we get a lot here at Sparkling Clean, but unfortunately to declutter a house is a process that takes time. The main reason to that is because of constant ‘on the spot’ evaluation you need to make of every object.


The Golden Rule to Declutter your House

All objects in your house should have a ‘home’,
AND you need to make sure to always put the objects BACK.


declutter your house


Although this rule seems easy enough, I am sure everyone reading this KNOWS it really isn’t! We have several things in our minds simultaneously, calls to make, work to finish, logistics of a household to handle, and a social life, it is hard to juggle life habits, needs and ‘organized’ movement around the house. The good news is that the human mind and body is very adaptable if you put your mind to it!

Healthline article’s says:

“According to a 2009 study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit. The study also concluded that, on average, it takes 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic.”

With enough training on the first 66 days, you can create automated habits, placing your objects directly at their ‘homes’ and creating a new lifestyle, and a permanently decluttered house! The best decision one can make, in our opinion! Life just magically flows after this lifestyle is set, we guarantee it! But before you embark on this journey, Sparkling Clean pro has come up with the essential steps for you to follow:

1. Start one category at a time

Choose what would you like to work on first. Some examples are: kitchen utensils & appliances, clothings, shoes, office tools, living room objects, bathroom, garage, personal items, books, documents.


declutter your home

2. Bring it back to one place

Let’s say you will start by kitchen utensils & appliances. Go around your house and collect all these misplaced kitchen object back to the kitchen. Place them all onto a clear surface.


3. Assign a destination to each object

Once everything is gathered in the same spot, go around cabinet by cabinet, drawer by drawer, and counter top and put all objects back into place.

Now this is the lengthy part of this step-by-step plan, because it is here you need the asses what goes where AND whether you really need the object or not?

This step is done in 2 parts:
– The first is holding each object and asking if you really use it. If the answer is no, then set it up on a donation pile.
– If the answer is yes, the second part is to assign it a home.


declutter your home

4. Decluttering the counters

A key of decluttering is to empty out countertops, clearing surfaces as much as possible, which means, all objects are neatly put away in cabinets, drawers, shelves or storage areas.

Through the process of letting go of objects into the donation piles you might have opened up some cabinet space. If the space you cleared up still isn’t enough to have empty countertops, then, it is time to plan a new shelving, or drawer system. Brings us to the next step!

declutter your home


5. Planning and execution

Write down a list or the new systems you need for extra storage space. Perhaps you already have storage space, and all you really need is a container system to better categorize your objects. In the case of a kitchen, for instance, your  could need more jars to put pantry objects in or more kitchen containers for all related utensils. In the case of a wardrobe it could look like: more hangers, a new drawer system, or shoe rack.

Plan your visit to the dollar store, container store, Ikea, Ross or whatever you prefer and purchase your list. Come back home and its time to set-up this new structure.

Say Hello to free counters!!!!


declutter your home

6. Repeat the step-by-step process in all categories.


Once your house is completely organized, and set-up for a decluttered house lifestyle, make sure to stick to a self-disciplined routine, to make the new habits become an automatic response to your movement at home.

One last tip for this learning period: Make sure to be extra mindful when you get home for shopping, school or work. This is the time we want to throw our bags, jackets keys, at what ever surface is close at hand, and just lay down to unwind. Before unwinding, make sure to be extra disciplined at this time: stop yourself, and place each item at it’s designated spot.


Check out the KonMari Method

We love the KonMari method of tidying-up by Marie Kundô, here at Sparkling Clean. We believe she has formulated a in depth process of understanding the connection between your home, your object, your habits, your lifestyle and we would go as far as saying, what lives in your heart!

If you would like to dive deeper into the Art to declutter your house, as a method to declutter aspects of yourself, of a life you are ready to let go of to open a knew lifestyle for you, we recommend following her method too:

“Tidying is a powerful tool, but it’s not the destination. The true goal of tidying is to clear away clutter so you can live the life you want. When you put your house in order using the KonMari Method™, you have no choice but to listen to your inner voice – because the question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life. When you reassess your belongings and organize your home, you set the stage for a huge transformation. This is the magic of tidying!”


Her method is set in 6 rules:

1 – commit yourself to tidying up

2 – Imagine your ideal lifestyle

3 – Finish discarding first

4 – Tidy by category not by location

5 – Follow the right order

6 – Ask yourself if it sparks joy

What is winter cleaning?

Winter cleaning is an essential part to keep yourself physically and emotionally healthy, as the temperatures outside comes down and the sunlight hours diminishes. It is a time of year we tend to spend more time at home, protecting ourselves from the harshness of the weather. It is also a time of year we are prone to get the cold or the flu.


Winter is the perfect ‘bacteria accumulator’ period. How come?

  1. We must all admit nobody is super excited about washing their hands or taking daily showers, ensuring the removal of dead skin cells and possible bacterias you might have picked-up on the streets.
  2. The last thing you want to do is open the windows and let some fresh air in, we get its coooold outside!
  3. Moving around the house and organizing things is so much harder when you are chilly. Your muscles stiffen-up and that agility and flexibility stiffen along with it.
  4. Sticking to your cleaning schedule can be a real challenge if you are facing the winter blues. It is scientifically proven that with less sunlight the body can emotionally impact you by lowering your serotonin levels:“Without enough sun exposure, your serotonin levels can dip. Low levels of serotonin are associated with a higher risk of major depression with seasonal pattern (formerly known as seasonal affective disorder or SAD). This is a form of depression triggered by the changing seasons.” – Healthline website
winter time cleaning

These winter tendencies make cleaning a much slower process, which really can build up the dust, increasing allergies. Sparkling clean’s answer to ‘what is winter cleaning’, hopes to show you the importance winter cleaning has on making sure your energy and body stays healthy throughout the season!

Here are Sparkling Clean Pro’s best winter cleaning tips:

1. Change you air filters

Every winter, replace your air filters and consider having your air ducts and vents professionally cleaned. According to the EPA, it is best to replace filters at least every three months. We recommend more often in months where you use your HVAC heavily, like summer and winter.


winter cleaning

2. Take your shoes, coats and bags off at the doorway.

Make sure to set-up doorway hangers and shoe boxes to help you neatly put your ‘outside clothing’ away, as soon as you get home. This will help insure that outside germs won’t spread throughout the house.


winter cleaning


3. Wash your hands as soon as you get home.

Our hands are the gate way to the world of germs. Make sure to wash your hands at home and diminish the chances of spreading the germs you picked up from the streets. 


winter cleaning

4. Keep a towel next the door to dry out the dog after walking.

During winter it is very common to have rain, drizzle or snow. Although it might prevent you from wanting to go outside it for sure doesn’t prevent your pet from wanting to pee or not, lol! So set yourself up to keep their wet hair off the carpets and furnitures, and make sure to dry your furry one as soon as you walk in the doors


winter cleaning

5. Steam Carpets and Furniture

Winter weather brings with it cold, snowy and mud. While you may think steam cleaning in winter is counterintuitive, we urge you not to let the stains settle. Address them right way, and they are much easier to clean up. Consider professional steam cleaning for heavily soiled furniture or high traffic areas.


winter cleaning

6. Change your bed sheets

Although your bed might be extra cozy this winter, make it a point to refresh them with a weekly change of sheets.


tackling germs at home changing the sheets

7. Open the windows

Although it might feel like a terrible idea, it really isn’t! Trust us, 10 to 20 minutes a day will help the sticky air circulate and help dust naturally make its way out of your home. The renewal of the air is extremely important to keep those annoying allergies away.


winter cleaning

8. Hire The Pros

Need some help with your winter cleaning? Book us now on this link here!

Five Tips to Keep your House Organized

Sparkling Clean pro has come up with five tips to keep your house organized this end of year, so you can keep up with all the cooking and parties coming up!

It is a challenging cleaning time of the year, since we find ourselves with a lot of free time at home! To enjoy your living spaces like a pro, check out our best tips:


tips to keep your house organized


Tip 1 – Be on-top of your daily home routines

Routine is without a doubt cleaning’s best friend and a great tip to keep your house organized! Our daily habits around our home has a way to create huge messes, specially if they accumulate. Our golden tip is simple, but hard to accomplish:

Assign a home to EVERY object and clothing, and always put things back from where you took them from. 

key examples:

  • make your bed when you get up.
  • close product lids and put them back, as soon as you are done using them.
  • wash dishes and put them back once, as soon as you are done using them.
tips to keep your house organized


Tip 2 – Delegate Jobs

Make cleaning charts, assigning a weekly or biweekly clean up for all rooms of the house between roommates, family members, professionals and please, don’t leave out the kids! It is very important for kids to participate of house chores, it helps them build a organizational mind-set inside of them.


tips to keep your house organized


Tip 3 – clean one room per day, except weekends and holidays

Create the cleaning charts assignment for those living in the home, per room per person. One of the big reasons people fall back on their cleaning duties is because of lack of time and motivation once you see the amount of work ahead of them. Our tip to keep your house organized is to not overwhelm yourself by tackling an entire cleaning job in one go! this way you can maintain consistency in a reasonable fashion and make sure to enjoy your free time!


tips to keep your house organized


Tip 4 – Designate a Launch Pad

Ok, Launch pad’s is something everybody has whether they like it or not. Its just human to get home and have that terrible habit to just throw your shoes, jacket, purse and shopping bags either at you kitchen counter, beside your door, on the floor, on the sofa… you get the idea right?

Instead, find a place in your home (preferably beside your main entrance), and equipe it with a coat hanger, shoe station, organizational baskets and key pocket or hanger. Trust us this tip will immediately clear out your space and make your life easier from the get-go.


tips to keep your house organized


Tip 5 –  Don’t make piles ever

This is one of the biggest mistake of organization, because piles gives us an illusion of having floors, tables and counters organized, but really all it is, is: procrastination.

Big tip: Never create heaps or piles!

Examples: piles of documents, of books, of clothing, of laundry, of cables. Non of it. Remember, never make piles! 

If you keep this note inside your mind, or on a big poster in your room (lol), you can help yourself resolve the final destination of your objects right then and there. When we create temporary solutions, the likely-hood you will get back to it in weeks, or months later, is gigantic, and soon your come to realize most your counters and corners are just temporary piles of kinda-of-random things. So please, do yourself this favor, and help yourself store your documents and objects directly to their final destination as soon as you are done using them.


tips to keep your house organized

Tackling Germs in your Home

Tackling germs in your home is challenging since It is impossible to be completely dirt-free, but Sparkling Clean Pro has come up with our best tips to keep germs and bacteria out of your living space as long as possible!

Fact’s on Germs

Time Magazine published an article discussing a study that researched seven families and their homes over the course of six weeks. The study showed that our bodies release natural bacteria onto nearly every single surface we contact. Not surprisingly, individuals spread the most bacteria between family members because of frequent physical contact. (This is why contagious illnesses tend to spread through the family quickly).

Creepy fact: Germs can divide every 20 minutes! This means regular cleaning (and handwashing) is the only way to keep the illness-causing germs at bay.

Most of the germs in your home are neutral. They’re normal, and they aren’t going to get you sick. The bacteria and germs you need to worry about lead to colds, stomach flu, and other illnesses, and there are certain areas of the home you are more likely to find these pesky microorganisms.

Bottom Line Germ’s Cleaning Tip

The most important tip is that there is no way you can eliminate bacteria if you haven’t properly cleaned out all organic matter first. The bottom line procedure is a 2 phase cleaning:

1st phase – removal of all dirt and dust from every single spot.

2nd phase – eco-friendly disinfectant products


Disinfecting cleaning


Tips for tackling germs in each room

Living Room Tip

Usually, living rooms have a continuous circulation of people, increasing the germs and bacteria wide-spread. Our tip would be to take off your shoes as soon as you get home and wash your hands straight away. That simple gesture alone increases the high probability of spreading outside bacteria to all surfaces of the house, like door knobs, switches, counters, rugs, carpets, and floors. It might be a little annoying at first to get into that habit, but trust us, it is so worth it!


tackling germs at home by taking ur shoes off at the door

Kitchen Tip

Cross-contamination is a default in kitchens. Our countertops usually get contact with a little bit of everything of our routines: shopping bags, cutting boards, cell phones, keys, planners, kids’ toys, food, kind of everything!  Since countertops are where ‘everything happens,’ make sure to wipe them daily after every time you have used them.

Our second tip, to avoid cross-contamination is to make sure you have specific sponges and cleaning cloths for everything: one for the counter tops, one for the light dishes, one for pans, and one for heavy-duty oven cleaning.


tackling germs at home by cleaning counter tops

Bedroom Tip

This is an easy and quick one:

Open your windows, let that air circulate, and change your sheets every 7-10 days.


tackling germs at home changing the sheets


Basement or Storage Room Tip

This is a difficult one since the tendency is to store endless amounts of stuff in these rooms. The biggest tip is to ‘Marie Kondo’ the most of it! Responsibly recycle or throw away everything you don’t need, and store in organized boxes all you decide to keep. Once everything is stored in concealed boxes, wiping floors, counters and the boxes is a quick and easy fix.

tackling germs storing your basement


This isn’t exactly a room, but it is a continuum all over the house! Make sure to sweep, vacuum and mop your floors and carpet on a weekly basis.


tackling germs by vacuuming


Regularly cleaning your home is the best way to ensure your family stays healthy all year round. Hiring a professional cleaning service for weekly or biweekly cleanings is a simple way to reduce bacteria in your home and save time. Call us today to learn more about our cleaning services.

What is the most eco-friendly way to do laundry?

Eco-friendly laundry can go a long way! Eco-friendly practices are not only restricted to green house cleaning. Our philosophy is that it should encompass all aspects of our home and our lives, and this is one of the important aspects we look at when referring cleaners to our clients.We believe that our homes should be toxin-free and that our lives should be as sustainable as possible, so that we can all live in a more conscious planet.

Toxins do not only live in the bleach you use to scrub your bathroom or the industrial products you use when power-cleaning your carpet. When thinking about green cleaning and green living, we often forget our laundry!


eco-friendly laundry


Why is Eco-Friendly laundry important?

Clothes literally touch and cover our skin, and it may be very well to exclusively buy and wear 100% cotton – but what about all the chemicals that you use to wash your clothes and that subsequently live on our body? The skin is our largest organ and can suffer a vast array of allergies, many of them related to the clothes we wear! If you have sensitive skin, are prone to allergies, or have a newborn or small child, you might consider doing your laundry the green way!

In today’s world, this should not be a daunting task. There exist countless green, natural, or non-toxic alternatives to laundry detergent, fabric softeners and even bleach. A search for liquid laundry detergent on alone yields over 150 product results.

In our experience, one of the main reasons why many people have not made the switch to green cleaning or laundry products yet, is that many believe these products won’t work well. But nothing could be further from the truth. We have done a lot of research and tried and tested many green products over the years, and find that today’s green cleaning products work extremely well – sometimes even better than the harsh chemicals in conventional cleaning products.

The Environmental Working Group recently evaluated nearly 300 general purpose laundry detergents and of these, only a handful are non-toxic. This article compares the 7 best options for doing your laundry in a green way. Try it, your skin will thank you for it.

6 Halloween Cleaning Tips

We at Sparkling Clean have come up with 6 halloween cleaning tips to best help you put your house back in order after so much spooky fun!

If you wound up with more tricks than treats this Halloween, you’re likely to have your hands full with a mess: toilet paper in the trees, eggs dripping on your house, maybe even chocolate mashed into the carpet. There’s no reason to get spooked: These 6 halloween cleaning tips for dealing with hazards will make your post-holiday cleanup a breeze.

1) Scrape up the candy

If there are kids at the party, you can guarantee there will be candy everywhere. We’re talking the walls, your furniture, storage cupboards, floors – there’s just no escaping it and the sticky mess it leaves behind. In fact, you’ll probably find pieces of candy and wrappers in all corners of your home for months to come.

The best way to tackle it is to mix one-third vinegar and two-thirds warm water together, blot against the stains and scrape it off.


2) Toilet Paper

When it gets wet, toilet paper falls apart and can be difficult to remove, so you may be left with some strips still hanging around. Go out around noon, after the dew has evaporated—sooner if rain is in the forecast—and use a leaf blower to remove the tissue. Bag up the paper and add it to your trash.


3) Pumpkin Pulp

Pumpkins are a great way to set the spooky-atmosphere and most people have them in their homes from early on in the month. However, if you leave them in the sunlight for a little too long, they can create a lot of mess and let off a horrifying smell.

To prevent that happening, create a dish soap and warm water mixture, scrape up as much of the mess as possible and scrub the pumpkin pieces away!


4) Fake blood stains

No one wants their home to look like a real-life horror movie, so you should tackle the fake-blood stains as soon as you can.

Gently rub talc into the fabric to absorb the stain’s oils and apply some white vinegar to the area to leave overnight. If that didn’t work, try working some shaving foam into the fabric and washing over it with some cold water.


5) Smashed eggs

Smashed eggs are no good for your exterior, as the yokes can stain and shell shards could scratch the exterior paint. Hose down the wall just below where the eggs hit and then again gently above the mess, so it slides down the siding easily. Scrub any leftovers with a brush dipped in a mixture of warm water and dish soap.


6) Wax drippings

Undo spilled wax from eerie candles quickly and easily. If wax dripped on wood, warm it with a hairdryer, then wipe away with a cloth. Any remaining residue can be cleared off with a mixture of one part vinegar and one part water. Spot wax on the tablecloth? Scrape the bulk of the wax away with a butter knife. Then, place a clean paper towel on the stain and iron over it with low heat—the towel should soak up what’s left.


House cleaning for breast cancer patients in SF

Sparkling Clean has had a long history of house cleaning for cancer patients in San Francisco. We are part of Pink October and have participated in several ISSA conferences and programs. One that we were most proud of, is ISSA’s charity initiative ‘Cleaning for a Reason’ for PINK OCTOBER. 

Sparkling Clean Pro has been in the forefront of Pink October in San Francisco! We provide free house cleaning for cancer patients in San Francisco. When cancer makes life at home difficult, our trusted network of residential cleaners come together to support cancer patients and their families.

We believe that patients, and family supporting cancer patients can be going through an emotionally unbearable time of their lives. It is part of our community values to support as best we can those around us. 


Sparkling Clean house cleaning for cancer patients in SF

We take deep pride in the awesome cleaning service we do! Our high commitment to deliver the best cleaning service is what makes this company fulfill its eco-friendly missions, helping people be healthy, have inner peace and diminishing carbon emissions into the world! We understand how a clean and organized environment can help tremendously when we are don’t have it in us to find time for cleaning. It is our joy to be able to lift off some weight from your shoulders and provide some inner peace for those in need.

If you would like to book, or, refer us to a Pink October Cleaning, just call our office or send us an email! click here for contact. 

Our CEO at ISSA Panel

Vanessa Terra Bossart, our CEO at Sparkling Clean pro’s has been invited to be a panelist for ISSA Show North America 2022 in Chicago.For those of you who are building a new business in Chicago, don’t miss this opportunity to watch her panel!  She will be featured on Monday the 10th of October part of ISSA’s educational section, which reads: 

“Let ISSA Panel Show North America and our team of top-notch industry professionals enhance your commercial, institutional, and residential cleaning expertise with our curated roster of education sessions. Whether you are just starting your career or you’re an experienced professional, we deliver the training you need to take your career to the next level. You’ll gain hands-on experience and immediate feedback you can put to work—right away. Keep your skills cutting-edge and relevant when you choose one of our certification courses or workshops.”

The panel information is as follows:

Title: How to Become a Million Dollar Residential Cleaning Company


It’s the return of the “Million Dollar ISSA Panel!” In the lineup we have four $1 Million+ owners who have taken their businesses to the next level. They are willing to share their time, experience, and knowledge with you. These owners are obviously doing something right.  What is it?  Do they all operate the same?  Come to this session to ask our panelists your burning questions.

Moderator: Jeannie Henderson, Jeannie’s Cleaning


Vanessa Bossart, Sparkling Clean Agency

RJ Patel, pct Clean

Laura Lambert Smith

Susan Stocker,   Susan’s Green Cleaning, LLC

Type: Education Session



ISSA 2022 panel chicago


ISSA is the leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide and is dedicated to promoting cleaning as a valuable investment in human health, the environment, and an improved bottom line. The association is the central resource for industry information, professional standards, e

ducation, networking, and commercial opportunities, and represents the industry voice in our government and our communities.

Learn more about our mission, vision and values.